Research activities


The research activities of the academic staff of the Rennes campus are undertaken in two different laboratories, both mixed CNRS research units : IRISA, a joint research centre for Informatics, including Robotics and Image and Signal Processing, and IETR (the Institute of Electronics and Digital Technologies).


Our research activities are mainly carried out in the following fields :

  • Control, AUT Team
  • Cybersecurity, CIDRE Team.
  • Signal Communication and Embedded Electronics, SCEE Team.
  • Facial Analysis Synthesis and Tracking, FAST Team.


The Rennes campus delivers the PhD degree from CentraleSupélec and organises the PhD curriculum with the doctoral school MathSTIC.


Our school is also a founding member of the Images & Réseaux cluster, of the CominLabs laboratory of Excellence and the Institute of Research and Technology B-com.


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