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Students can be lodged at the Belle Fontaine residence which adjoins the Rennes campus. This residence has 200 rooms with direct access to the campus and there is a bus stop in its immediate vicinity. The campus and the residence are at a 10-minute-bus ride from the city centre and the railway station (and this will be a five-minute -metro ride in 2020 when the second line of the metro is operative)

Residence etudiante BelleFontaine

The Belle Fontaine residence, located at 6 avenue de Belle-Fontaine in Cesson-Sévigné, houses primarily students from CentraleSupélec’s Rennes campus. It has two types of accommodation on offer :


  • "STUDIO T1" : lodging of 18 m² consisting of one furnished bed/sitting room of 10 m² (featuring a wall cup board, bed 90x200, one chair, desk, night stand, one storage locker) a kitchenette (glass-ceramic cooktop, sink, table top refrigerator) and bathroom (shower, lavatory, washbasin)
  • "DUO" : consisting of two bed/sitting rooms which share the kitchenette (glass-ceramic cooktop, sink, table top refrigerator) and bathroom (shower, lavatory). Each bed/sitting room is of 12 m² and features a wall cup board, a bed 90x200, one chair, a desk, a night stand, one storage locker and a wahsbasin.


Both types of accommodation are provided with telephone and TV sockets (TV connected to communal antenna)., one polyester blanket (240x220) and one pillow (64x64)., Wifi is available on request only for CentraleSupélec students member of REZO the student association in charge of the network.


Otherwise, the Hertz residence located within the campus, offers an additional 42 studios of 20 m². This residence is available primarily for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

residences etudiantes Hertz


These two residences are managed by SA HLM Les Foyers.
If you wish to book accommodation at the residence Belle Fontaine, please contact the manager directly :


Phone : 02 99 84 46 00
Mobile : 06 03 32 86 15

Or by Email :


A rental application file will be sent to you upon request (please specify the desired type of residence ‘Studio T1’ or ‘Duo’).

It goes without saying that you are free to find your accommodation by your own means, if you prefer to do so.

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