Student life



Students can be lodged in the residences on our campus in the immediate vicinity of the school. Many other housing solutions are on offer within the Rennes area.


Numerous student clubs and associations offer a wide variety of activities and enrich the cultural, social and educational experience of our students. Many events take place with students from neighboring institutions (INSA de Rennes, ENS Rennes, ESCR, ESIR, Agro Campus Ouest, etc.)


As regards student health issues, CentraleSupélec is associated with the The Student health service (the Inter-University Service of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion), the student health care service of the University of Rennes. They propose health checks to students, but can also ensure your personal medical care if you do not have your own doctor in Rennes. They also offer mental health care and nutritional information, as well as many other services.


To support international mobility, especially for our international students, the campus is a member of the CMIR (Rennes International Mobility Center) the Rennes International Mobility Centre, which offers a vast array of services to foreign students and researchers.

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