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  • Double degree : second and third years of the Supélec Engineering degree programme. If you are admitted to the double degree programme leading to the Supélec Engineering Degree, you may take the second and third year’s courses at our campus in Rennes. Taking in Rennes the second year courses, which are identical throughout the different locations of our school, will allow you to benefit from the Suivre à Rennes la deuxième année, qui est commune à tout le cursus, vous permet de bénéficier de conditions exceptionnelles exceptional study conditions of our campus and to benefit from the expertise of our Faculty in the fields of Control and energy transition , en Electronics and telecommunications, Datascience and cybersecurity and Virtual reality. If you wish, you may also be introduced to entrepreneurship.
    After completing the second year, you will choose your major, your field of specialisation for your third yeard on one of our three campuses (Paris-Saclay, Metz or Rennes).

  • Specialization degree of the Supélec Engineering Degree programme : you can obtain this degree in the fields of one of the third year Majors taught on our campus.
  • Master : within the framework of an exchange programme with your home university, you can sign up for a CentraleSupélec Master course on our campus.
  • Semester : within the framework of an exchange programme, you are welcome to come and enjoy the unique environment of our campus during the spring semester of the second year of the Supélec Engineering Degree programme.


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Feedback from international students :


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Interview with Gabriel Gohier-Roy, double degree Ecole Polytechnique Montreal / Supélec :


Interview with Xiaofan, double graduate National University of Singapore / Supélec :


Interview of Sijie Liu, double graduate Centrale Beijing / Supélec :


Interview of Vitoria, (UNICAMP, Brazil) in double degree with Centrale Paris :


Interview of Sayuri Shiguetomi, in double degree with Centrale Paris :


Interview of Geum Hyeon-ji, in double degree with Centrale Paris :


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