Rennes Campus Environment



Located on the campus de Beaulieu, one of the four university campuses of the Rennes metropolitan area, CentraleSupélec’s Rennes campus is a very active player on a local and regional level, in close cooperation with the other higher education and research institutions in Rennes and the the Britanny and Loire regions, as well as with the socio-economic actors of the area.

Campus Rennes


The school is thus a member of the CDGEB (Conference of Directors of the Grandes Ecoles of Brittany) and has entered into numerous training and research partnerships with local institutions : Rennes 1 University, IGR Rennes Management Institute, ENS Rennes, ENSAI, IMT Atlantique, INSA Rennes, etc.


The research teams of our campus are part of mixed laboratories shared with afore-mentioned institutions, IETR (Institute of Electronics and Digital Technologies) and IRISA (Research Institute in Computer Science and Random Systems) and with the research organizations CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and INRIA. They are also involved in the two graduate reseach schools CyberSchool and DigiSport.


CentraleSupélec and our Rennes campus maintain very strong ties with the corporate world through numerous jointly developed projects, in particular within the cluster Images & Réseaux and the B-Com Technological Research Institute, two organizations of which the school is a founding member. Our school is also stakeholder of the Le Poool Technopole and the regional incubator Emergys.


The school is also an active member of the Pôle d’Excellence Cyber (Centre of Excellence in Cyberdefense).


The French government, through the regional delegations, as well as the local authorities support us in their respective areas of competence :


Prefecture of Britanny – Ministry of Education Regional education office
Regional council of Brittany Ille et Vilaine Departemental council Rennes Métropole


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